Setting up python repos to use Sphinx and Github Pages

We want to use Sphinx to generate our documentation but then use github to host the documentation (not withstanding the excellent readthedocs.)

Github pages are a relatively simple idea - create a branch with a special name (gh-pages) in your repo. Whatever (html) is in the root of that branch will be served from as if it was the document root.

So our basic process will be to create an orphan branch in our repo called “gh-pages”, then generate the docs in the normal fashion, and copy over the docs to the new branch and commit.

Obviously I would like to automate the complete process, of building the docs, but that will wait till we have greater control and comfort with creating venvs automatically and running docs within them (Its doable - just ...)

First stage

We want to create a new orphan branch called gh-pages (orphans carry no history baggage so its neater)


# cd into repo on disk $ git checkout –orphan gh-pages Switched to a new branch ‘gh-pages’ $ git rm -rf .

rhaptos2.user$ echo “Initial commit” > index.html rhaptos2.user$ git add index.html rhaptos2.user$ git commit -m “First cut for gh-pages”

Now that we have on github a gh-pages branch, we want to put something in it. Create a file like the one below, in the root of say master.


MSG="Adding gh-pages docs for `git log -1 --pretty=short --abbrev-commit`"

rm -rf $TMPREPO
mkdir -p -m 0755 $TMPREPO

git clone $TMPREPO
git checkout gh-pages  ###gh-pages has previously one off been set to be nothing but html
git add -A
git commit -m "$MSG" && git push origin gh-pages

I am assuming that we have already built the documentation in branch <master> as in:

$ cd docs
$ workon vuser
$ (vuser) make clean && make html

This can all clearly be adjusted to suit each repo, and easily generic-isized. But it does the job - of creating a temporary clone of gh-pages, and bringing the pre-built html into the right location in gh-pages.

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