Running a Small Office / Home Office Network

Well, this article has changed in the 8 or so years since I last wrote it. Way back then, we ran everything in-house. Firewall, email, shared files, DNS and DHCP, and phones, oh dear phones !

These days... barely any of it. Most of us have GMail on the web browser and on our phones, share files via dropbox and skype or video chat. Pretty much all that is left is the firewall and our own personal workstations.

Building a FreeBSD laptop from scratch with Salt-stack

Firewalls, routers and analytics

What is important now, and possibly more than ever, is the analytics. This article is about the ways to monitor your SoHo office.

It’s useful to look back on these articles - but this is by far the biggest change. I have notes on Samba, and cherrypy. All of which have almost no relevance now.

File Storage

Dropbox is fine. But does not run on BSD. So I can look at bittorrent Sync, or seafile.

I will get back to you :-)