Network Monitoring


Monitoring what is flowing over your network tubes is more important than ever. For reasons of capacity planning, as well as security and “getting a feel for the network” good tools matter.

Net-flow and cousins

net-mgmt/softflowd $ softflowd -i rl0 -n

$ softflowctl statistics softflowd[11241]: Accumulated statistics: Number of active flows: 182 Packets processed: 2529 Fragments: 0 Ignored packets: 5 (5 non-IP, 0 too short) Flows expired: 0 (0 forced) Flows exported: 0 in 0 packets (0 failures) Packets received by libpcap: 2579 Packets dropped by libpcap: 0 Packets dropped by interface: 63

net-mgmt/flow-tools mkdir /var/log/netflow

echo /usr/local/bin/flow-capture -p /var/run/ -n 287
-N 0 -w /var/log/netflow/ -S 5 0/0/8888