User Interface Design

Start with the User Need

User Interface Design, at least at the levels of “I want my small Enterprise App to be useful”, is pretty simple.

It needs four components

  1. Visual Style
  2. Consistent base HTML elements
  3. Higher Level Design patterns incl. behaviour
  4. That extra dash of style

We have three levels, style-core, style-pkg, style-xp This way we have manageable paths for different discussions to grow. eXPerimental styles, or interactions, the CSS and the JS for them go into these packages.

If after a tryout the XP stuff works, it

I have several different bits in different levels. My core is used everywhere, for each client. pkgs usually get pulled in, but are there to overwrite things like bootstrap date pickers.

Visual Style

CSS, color theory, logo etc

Consistent base HTML elements

Design Elements

Handling higher level elements.

Extra Dash of Something

Here is where I bow out. I can do an “alright” job with the leverage of things like colorwheels, bootstrap, and a bit of common sense. But I am not pixel perfect obessive with a mental memory of thousands of interactive sites, the deep understanding of design, trade-offs, a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist and the ability to mix all these into one intuitive expression of your company’s essence.

That’s why you hire a professional. But you can do a lot before you get there, which is lucky, ‘cos the good ones are expensive :-)

Living guides

Enhancement Proposals

Not changing stuff willy-nilly