Most awkward

Back in the mists of time (or 2006) Sun released its Java spource code (the compiler / VM etc) as open source. This Oracle does not license its version of the Java SDK / VM as open source, except for “personal” use. This means they can try and ensure they still get paid for enterprise Java under Installing Java is not that simple. I beleive that OpenJDK is pretty simple to install, but that is not the supported Oracle version of the JVM, and as I want to use Java for Oracle’s ODI I guess I am going to do this the long winded way.

For various license-based reasons (and no I don’t know and don’t care right now) several parts of the java source need to be downloaded manually.

Due to licensing restrictions, certain files must be fetched manually.

Please download the Update 3 Source from
and the Source Binaries from
and the Mozilla Headers from

Please open
in a web browser and follow the "Download" link for
"JDK DST Timezone Update Tool - 1_3_45" to obtain the
time zone update file,

Please download the patchset, bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2, from

Please place the downloaded file(s) in /usr/ports/distfiles
and restart the build.

(NB halfway through the compile you will be asked to download diablo-caffe
manually too.)

So lets do that. Download the above as needed. Please note you get the above instructions from running $make install clean. Run this yourself on your source as the page may be out of date.

You will be asked to agree to a (non-free, personal use only) license.

You may want to use OpenJDK instead. I am not doing so as I am aiming at a Oracle application build and am guessing it will have less problems. I shall compare and contrast the OpenJDK and the Oracle JDK in a few months time.